How to sell my used racquet to Tenniszon?

You’ve had a tennis racquet for a while now. It still has its sentimental value, but you wish to progress toward a new model of racquet offering the latest technologies. Tenniszon now offers you the opportunity to sell your racquet.

Eligibility conditions:

1-    The racquet must be 5 years old or less.

2-    The racquet must be of acceptable condition according to Tenniszon’s evaluation.

3-    A credit will be applied in store or on a web gift card.

Steps to follow:

A-   Racquet approval :

1-    Send all the following information to :

  • Full name
  • Phone number
  • Racquet model and year of purchase
  • At least 3 pictures of the racquet (different angles with emphasis on any existing defect)
  • A description of the racquet condition (ex. paint chips, major scratches, etc.)

2-    A preliminary evaluation will be made by Tenniszon within the next 24 hours following the reception of your email.

3-    The eligibility decision of the racquet and the evaluation price will be sent to you by email.

B-   Send your racquet for free to the Tenniszon warehouse (see below)


  1. Copy the link below and paste it in your web browser to access the Canada Post website so you can print your return label.


  1. Enter the following identification number: PR275202
  2. Follow the Canada Post steps by filling the requested information (Your reference number will be your complete name).
  3. Print your return label.
  1. Carefully pack the racquet in a box which dimensions should be the closest to 76 cm (height) X 33 cm (width) X 6 cm (thickness).
  2. Insert the Tenniszon confirmation email that you received in the box.
  3. Stick the Canada Post return label on the box and bring it to your local Canada Post office for shipment.

C-   Final approval

When receiving the racquet, Tenniszon technical professionals will make sure that the racquet actual condition is consistent with the description and information provided by the seller on step A. You will get the final approval and price by email.

Possible reasons for a refusal to purchase the racquet or a devaluation of the estimated price:

  • Broken parts or scratch not initially reported
  • The racquet is vibrating or makes unusual sound due to internal break
  • The racquet is different than the initially approved racquet

D-   Receiving your payment

You can now use your WEB gift card which is now added to your Tenniszon account or use your credit in store.