Lacoste Women's AG-LT21

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Complete description
The LG-AT21 Ultra is without a doubt the best tennis shoe ever made for tennis by Lacoste. It takes tennis innovation forward, adapting conventional construction for the most dedicated tennis players. This high performance shoe delivers a totally unique design that allows elegant, agile movement on court. Lacoste's inimitable energy revives tennis technique with new technical innovation. A performance-driven design, created for dynamic games, the AG-LT 21 Ultra priorizes speed, steadiness and agility. It offers athletes the opportunity to stay light on their feet, while sporting a bold silhouette. Every feature is executed with tennis performance in mind. High-Energy-Return EVA foam combines with a stability plate cutting through the midsole, for easy, explosive movement. Goodyear rubber outsole pods add on-courtgrip and work in perfect harmony with Kurim abrasion protection on the forefoot and a cushion foam colar that ensure lasting support. This model is designed to keep up with every movement, for play that reflects an agile, focused mindset, but refuses to compromise on elegance. Infused with modern style, it's a design that takes tennis to a new level - but remains rooted in Lacoste's winning philosophy. Colour Shown: White/Blue. Shown: White/Blue.

Technical details

  • Feature : Comfort, Durability, Stability
  • Brand : Lacoste
  • Type of product : Womens tennis shoes
  • Color : Blue, White

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